Since the beginning of the year, we've been working on bringing the ease and flexibility of our desktop app to our iOS app. And in this release, we've packed some exciting and popular features that take us one step closer to that goal.

Tasks and events on your "Today" screen

The Today screen now features both your tasks and events of the day, just like on the desktop app. You'll be able to scroll vertically within a day and scroll down to the next day. You can also use the date picker bar to navigate to another day.

Navigate between different screens with swipes

On the iOS app, you can now navigate between screens using left and right swipes. This should make the experience of using the Routine iOS app much smoother and more effective.

Assign dates or postpone a task

When you create a task on the iOS app, you'll now be able to assign a particular date to the task or postpone it to a week where you might consider the task.

Tap twice on "Today" to schedule it on a specific date and twice on "This Week" to postpone it to a later week.

Get events from all your calendars

While connecting additional accounts must still be done via the desktop app, the iOS app will now be able to pull events from all the calendars of all your accounts.

Browse and operate tasks from your weekly batches

You can now browse and operate the tasks from your batches (weekly tasks).

Open your items to access notes

In addition to opening events to access their notes, you can now do the same with tasks.

What is next?

In October, the release we have planned will push the iOS app experience to the same level as the desktop app.

In the next few weeks, we will be working on event notifications and a version for the iPad. Learn more on that in our roadmap.

You can also read the more in-depth changelog for the release here.