Manage meetings effectively

Scheduling, running and managing meetings rarely represents the best part of the day. From finding a time that works for everybody, to preparing the agenda, to sharing the minutes, it is a lot of work that often feels administrative in nature. Routine makes all the steps of managing meetings a breeze so you can focus on creating value in the meeting itself.

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Your meetings. Your time!

Routine lets you define your ideal schedule, being to meet with teammates, to schedule a physical meeting with someone external or organize a conference call. With those time preferences in mind, Routine can optimize your time for you to focus on your important work while packing your meetings together.

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Let people book meetings with you

Scheduling meetings often involve several back and forth to find an appropriate date and time. Why not let the person that wants to meet with you book a meeting by herself so as to meet your preferences? Routine allows you to create as many booking pages as you want that take into account you time preferences.

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Meeting notes simplified

Gone are the days where you needed to manually create a document to take meeting notes. With Routine, open the event and start taking private notes that you can later share with other people.

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