All your notes next to your tasks

All task management tools force you to treat everything as a task even though some information is not actionable. Routine allows you to save all your ideas, thoughts, projects and objectives as notes and organize them through hierarchical pages.

Write down all your ideas

Save all your long-term information through pages: business ideas, bucket list items, movies to watch and stop wondering where you put that important note… Routine supports Markdown, allowing you to format your information while embedding photos, videos and more.

Personal & professional

Routine has been designed to be your productivity companion; saving and organizing your information, being personal or professional related. You can use pages to plan your next vacation but also to track a project in your company.

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Organize your pages the way you want

Create subpages and arrange your pages hierarchically in order to organize the information the way you want it.

Turn notes into actions

Even though not all information is actionable, it often happens that you want to insert an action next to your notes. Routine allows you to create full-fledged tasks in your notes but also to plan them inline through natural language.

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