Take notes to the next level

Routine allows taking notes on tasks, events & people along with organizing your notes through pages.

Write in blocks

Like many modern apps, Routine notes are organized in blocks of different types, from bullet points, text, titles, checkboxes and more.

Text formatting with Markdown

Format your text through an interactive menu or by leveraging the power of the Markdown language.

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Embed everything you need

Routine supports embedding media of various types, from images, videos, bookmarks and more.

Contextualize your notes with reference & tags

Routine allows to create your own knowledge graph by creating links (known as references) between your different tasks, events, contacts, pages etc. and applying tags to label you notes.

These references and tags ease the process of finding back the information when you need it the most by navigating from one object to the next through these links.

Organize your notes in pages

With pages, you can easily create notes and organize them hierarchically to build up your knowledge database.

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Meetings Management

Embed tasks in notes

Unlike other notes taking apps, Routine features a unique mechanism that allows for creating full-fledge tasks in your notes. Those tasks can be regular tasks, displayed in the form of checkboxes, but also recurrent tasks.

You can then schedule, postpone and block time for the tasks as you would with other Routine tasks.

Plan through inlined natural language processing

Routine’s natural language processing capabilities are also supported in notes, allowing you to plan a task very quickly.

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Smart Scheduling

Write like a pro with keyboard shortcuts

Routine features a number of shortcuts for you to write and operate on blocks faster.

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Meetings Management

Available everywhere

Access your notes anywhere through Routine’s mobile apps and never forget anything anymore.

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