The most efficient task manager for busy people

Routine task management capabilities go beyond scheduling regular and recurring tasks. Routine’s postponing functionality and the ability to embed tasks anywhere in your notes provides the perfect combination to organize work effectively while staying in focus.

Capture everything that goes through your mind

Open the dashboard anywhere on your desktop and save tasks that you will need to do later or plan them right away through Routine’s powerful natural language capabilities.

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Console examples on how to save information

Manage your regular and recurrent tasks

On top of regular tasks, you can very easily create and manage recurring tasks through Routine’s natural-language-based console by specifying a frequency, starting/ending dates and more.

Extend tasks with media-rich descriptions

Describe tasks with notes, format them through Markdown and embed media (videos, images etc.).

In addition, Routine supports embedding full-fledged regular and recurrent tasks in notes. Plan those tasks in line through natural language or through keyboard shortcuts to schedule, postpone or block time.

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Notes Taking

Schedule & postpone your tasks

As other task managers, you can easily schedule tasks to be completed on a specific date in which case them will appear in the Today screen when the day comes.

In addition, Routine provides a unique postponing mechanism that allows you to put tasks on the side for reconsideration in a later week, allowing you to plan only what matters this week.

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Convert emails and chat messages into tasks

Work is scattered among multiple tools, from emails, chats, project management services and more and it is therefore hard to keep track of all the requests you receive.

Through Routine’s integrations, you can connect your favorite tools and services and easily turn emails and chat messages into tasks for you to better plan them next to your other work items.

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Import your tasks from your project management service

Connect all your services such as project management tools in order to centralize, overview and plan all your work items through a single app.

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Universal Inbox

Manage your tasks next to your calendar events

By gathering all your tasks, chat messages, emails and tickets that you must act upon next to your calendar, you can more easily prioritize work and focus on making progress on the items that really matter.

For your most important items, block time in your calendar to make sure those will get the time they deserve.

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Contextualize your work

Busy people need to waste as little time as possible organizing information and more time getting the work done.

With Routine, whenever you create tasks, you can specify where this task should be stored, in your inbox waiting for you to triage it manually or in a page, another task, an event or even a contact.

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Console examples with redirection

Plan your week and focus on your day

Unlike other task management apps, Routine puts the focus on execution by providing you with a Today screen that contains everything you need to know to achieve your goals.

Whenever you want to take a step back and plan your work, the Planner provides you an overview of both your calendar events next to your tasks of the week (also known as the batch).

If you fail to complete tasks you had set yourself for the day, those will automatically go back to the weekly list instead of being rolled over as other apps do.

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Stop context switching

Routine has been designed with speed in mind. On top of being loaded with many keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform the most common operations, Routine’s special dashboard provides you with all the productivity information you need (upcoming events, tasks of the day etc.) in a fraction of a second, anywhere on your desktop computer.

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Both personal and professional

No matter which project management service your company uses, with Routine, you can manage your time by taking into account both your professional commitment and your personal life.

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Multi Accounts

Leverage your digital assistant

Define your time preferences to let Routine know when you prefer working on what: administrative work, focus time, team meetings etc.

Routine will then automatically find the best time for you to work on your most important tasks based on your schedule, preferences and constraints.

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Smart Scheduling

Available everywhere you go

Routine’s desktop application is complemented with its mobile app that allows you to capture all your thoughts on the go while focusing on what is taking place today.

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