The calendar of the 21st century

Over the past decades, calendars have not evolved much, basically displaying events and allowing users to invite other participants to events. Routine takes time management to another level, combining calendars with task management, notes taking and contact management.

Unify your personal and professional calendars

Connect your personal and professional accounts in order to manage all your calendars in one place and have an overview of your schedule.

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Multi Accounts

Manage your work along your time

On top of displaying the events from all your calendars, Routine lists your tasks of the week next to your time for you to better plan your work, meetings and other commitments.

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Focus on what matters today

Overviewing the 7 days of the week is sometimes necessary for planning and sharing available. However, when it comes to the day to day, it is mostly a distracting, in particular when your calendar displays events you will not be attending e.g colleagues, family etc.

Routine therefore features a unique Today screen whose purpose is to help you focus on your goals of the day, displaying only the events you will be attending and your important tasks.

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Hide the events you will not attend

Most people like to keep an eye on the schedule of friends and colleagues by connecting their calendars. Even though useful at times, it also clutters your agenda with events that do not concern you.

Routine allows you to easily indicate which calendars and events you will not be attending so as to keep your agenda as clean as possible.

Manage your meetings from beginning to end

Because Routine combines calendar, notes taking and task management, it is extremely easy to manage your meetings.

Schedule them either by manually sharing your availability or through booking pages, define an agenda with topics to discuss and share it ahead of time with the participants, take notes and define action items and share the minutes.

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Meetings Management

Never miss an important meeting

Routine’s powerful notifications remind you of upcoming meetings, allowing you to join through a single keystroke. If you are running late, simply let the other participants know through a single click.

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Work on your terms

Routine features a powerful smart scheduling engine that takes your work preferences into consideration when scheduling time to work on your tasks but also for your external and team meetings.

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Smart Scheduling

Available everywhere you go

Routine is available on desktop and mobile, allowing you to stay focus on what matters today while glancing at what will come next.

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