In the latest version of Routine, we've packed some powerful updates that will help you become more productive and keep track of your time & priorities.

In this short post, let's explore some of the key updates to Routine.

Calendar Time Blocking

Imagine you have a presentation scheduled for Monday and you will need to invest at least half hour to complete it, in this case, the best way forward is to block time for that task.

And on Routine, that is super simple.

  1. Open Routine and you'll be greeted with the agenda screen.
  2. Create a task
  3. Drag and drop that task into the calendar on your right.

That is it. It is that easy.

Do note, that Routine blocks 30 minutes by default when you drop a task into the calendar.

However, you can extend the time slot by pulling the task block from the bottom border.

For example; let's say you've dropped the task "Create a presentation" at the 6PM mark, then by default Routine will block time till 6:30PM. However you can extend this time slot by pulling the bottom end of the time slot to suit your requirement.

You can also extend time slots on your calendar even if the task wasn't created on Routine and it will be synced to your Google Calendar.

So go ahead and fire up Routine and start blocking time in your calendar. (More Info)

Journal (Archive)

On Routine, the Journal (a.k.a. Logbook) displays the history of:

  1. Tasks completed that day (whether created on Routine or not)
  2. Pages archived that day
  3. Events that happened that day

In short, the Journal is a place for you to get a timeline of you completed or scheduled tasks, events and pages.

The Journal also comes in handy when you want to restore a task that you have archived.

What next?

If you have access to Routine already, start blocking time for important tasks and be more effective. As for all your completed tasks, pages and events you'll always have the Journal to fall back on.

You can find more information on other features of Routine on our Knowledge Base.