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Schedules of Successful People

Learn from successful people's schedules and optimize your own for productivity and success.

Successful people have a common trait - they have a well-structured schedule.

The concept of time management is a crucial part of their success, and how they allocate their time and prioritize tasks can make or break their career.

But what sets the schedules of successful people apart from the rest?

Successful people prioritize their health

They make time for exercise, meditation, or any other activity that keeps them physically and mentally fit. A recent survey shows that 60% of successful people include exercise in their daily routine, taking up an average of 45 minutes of their day.

You can schedule these sessions/events on a calendar app like Routine, where you'll get timely event notifications.

Successful people are proactive

In their approach to work, successful people create to-do lists on a task management app like Routine or a physical notebook, and more importantly, they stick to them, ensuring they complete all the tasks assigned for the day.

Studies show that almost 80% of successful people have a to-do list and check it off regularly to stay on track. Are you not using a to-do list app? Sign up for Routine for free here.

Successful people are not afraid to delegate

High performers understand the value of their time and do not waste it on tasks that can be done by someone else. They delegate effectively and delegate to the right people, freeing up more time for themselves to focus on more critical tasks.

Successful people take breaks

They understand the importance of taking a break and stepping away from work. A recent survey shows that almost 50% of successful people take a break every hour to recharge their batteries, reducing the risk of burnout.

Successful people invest in learning

They make time for learning and personal growth, and since they understand the importance of continuous learning and improvement, they ensure that time and resources are allocated to related activities. A study shows that almost 70% of successful people invest an average of 30 minutes daily in personal development.


The schedules of successful people are built on the foundation of time management, health, proactivity, delegation, breaks, and personal growth. They prioritize their tasks, invest time in their health and personal development, and delegate effectively to achieve success. The key takeaway is that having a structured schedule and sticking to it can help you succeed in your career or personal life.


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