Productivity is an integrative function. You can not become a productive individual by only focussing on one aspect of your life or one tool.

There isn't a tool that encompasses all parts of our lives, and until that tool is created, we need to embrace the next best thing: integrations.

And Routine now integrates with the biggest name in the space, Zapier.

What is this about?

Zapier is an automation tool that helps you create workflows between various apps.

By integrating with Zapier, Routine can now link to 5000+ apps that include popular ones like Gmail, PipeDrive, Slack, Discord, Mailchimp, Typeform, etc.

Routine x Zapier = 100,000+ Zaps

With this integration, you can safely use 100,000+ Zaps that are part of the Routine-Zapier Catalog, plus the millions of custom combinations you can create by combining more than two apps.

How to get started

The advantage of integrating with Zapier is that it is super easy to get started, and you can dip your toes without risk using their free plan.

First, create an account on Zapier, which you can do that by going to

Once you have an account, we recommend starting with a pre-made Zap from our catalog.

Just pick a Zap, connect to the services needed for the Zap and turn on the Zap.

Here are some zaps we recommend you get started with:

If you feel confident, you can even experiment with creating your own Zaps. Here are some helpful resources:

What to expect next from Routine x Zapier?

We will be publishing some helpful Zaps and their flows on our YouTube Channel and an occasional list post with some of the top zaps for Routine.

We will also be improving the Zapier integration by making it possible to create more than just tasks (e.g notes) and specifying where those should be stored: in a page, a task, an event, a person etc. For now, everything goes into the Inbox.

If you want an in-depth how-to on Routine x Zapier, check out this page on the Routine Knowledge Base. Got suggestions for new Zap ideas? Let us know on Twitter at @RoutineHQ.

Thanks for reading.