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Routine iOS App Update (0.7)

Our latest iOS app release has some interesting updates including more features for events, notes and general bug fixes.

It has been a while since we last released an update for iOS, so we decided to pack the latest 0.7 release with some of the most requested features. In this post, we will run down some of them.

View more event details

You can now open events and view the participants and the publicly available description of the event. For conference calls, we’ve also added a one-click “Join” button.

Browse & open pages

While the pages on Routine still remain “read-only” for now, you will however be able to browse and open them.

Tick and Untick Checkboxes in Notes

With the latest release you'll be able to tick and untick checkboxes in Notes. You can use these checkboxes for various functions including as to-do lists within your notes.

Other Updates & Improvements

  • Order of tasks has been fixed to be consistent with macOS
  • Increased speed through caching and threading
  • Signing up and logging in bugs have been fixed
  • New menu was introduced to allow you to access pages
  • Settings are now accessible by clicking the avatar icon on the top-left corner

What’s next for the iOS app?

In the coming weeks for our iOS app, we will be accelerating on:

  • New UI & UX design
  • Planning functionalities
  • Open tasks and access information including notes

And that’s it for 0.7, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about our latest release. You can also view our iOS roadmap to know more.

Thanks for reading.

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